Authentic bakery shop "POCO-POCO" using homemade natural yeast

We use homemade natural yeasts such as levain (wheat), raisin (grapes), and yogurt (yoghurt), you can feel the depth of fermentation.
We use several types of flour carefully selected by our craftsmen and seasonal ingredients created by the four seasons to create a unique texture and flavor.
Each piece is carefully made in our in-store workshop and prepared fresh from the oven.
In addition to takeout, you can also enjoy your meal in our bright and open eat-in space.
POCO-POCO sky blue color logo

Bringing a little luxury and elegance to your everyday dining table

Fermented at low temperature for a long time, using several types of homemade yeast, koji, a complex blend of flour, and seasonal ingredients created by the four seasons. We add color to your life by making bread that resonates with the five senses, We offer bakery products that you can enjoy with confidence and deliciousness because it is eaten on a daily basis.

The brand name comes from the slow fermentation process of yeast, which is essential for bread making. The sky color of the brand is the image of the clear blue sky of Hanno.

Poco-poco cream bread

bread 01

Poco-poco cream bread
made with homemade yogurt seeds

Brioche dough made from yogurt seeds is wrapped in a generous amount of homemade pastry with a rich egg flavor.
Due to the effects of lactic acid bacteria, the dough has a soft and moist texture. Enjoy the melt-in-your-mouth sensation that seems to disappear.

Poco-poco cream bread

bread 02

Crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside, everyone loves this croissant

Our croissants, made with exquisitely blended flour and homemade yeast levain, are one of our prides.
The 12-layer texture is woven with French AOP butter and dough, and the buttery flavor spreads throughout your mouth, giving it a crunchy texture while the inside is moist and melts in your mouth.

Kitano Kaori bread

bread 03

Milk, egg, non-use
Kitano Kaori bread

Made with 100% Kitano Kaori, a rare wheat from Hokkaido, and kneaded with high water. Bread baked without milk or eggs has a chewy texture.
The recommended way to enjoy it is "toast." The aroma spreads further, and you can enjoy the contrast with the chewy texture inside.
We also accept slices, so please feel free to ask our staff.

Kitano Kaori bread

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