Enjoy OH!!!&Hanno
桜 人

A model course where you can fully enjoy OH!!! and Hanno.
For those who want to fully enjoy meals and experiences in OH!!!
we recommend a full day course.
For those who want to fully enjoy the nature of Hanno, we recommend a half-day healing course where you can fully enjoy nature by cycling or hiking.
Please spend a relaxing and elegant time while going around the attractive OH!!! and Hanno.

Course 01

Full day course

OH!!! It takes 15 minutes on foot from Hanno station! There are plenty of sightseeing spots in the Hanno area, such as a general store where you can see rare products on the way and a shrine where you can expel evil spirits! It is the most recommended course that you can enjoy OH!!!'s special lunch, experience class, and shopping together.

1日満喫コースみどころ 1日満喫コースみどころ 人

Course 02

Half-day excursion course

Feel the clear air of Hanno while cycling along the river or through the wooded paths.
It is a course full of extraordinary feeling while visiting historical places that are not well known.

半日周遊コースみどころ 半日周遊コースみどころ 人

Course 03

Half day healing course

This course is recommended for those who want to refresh themselves while walking in the mountains listening to the murmuring of the river and the chirping of birds.
Even beginners are OK! Feel the rich nature of Hanno and heal your mind and body.

半日癒しコースみどころ 半日癒しコースみどころ 人
Recommended spots
Mount Tenran
Mount Tenran

About 15 minutes on foot to the summit. You can overlook the city of Hanno, and on clear days you can see Mt. Fuji and the Tokyo Sky Tree.

Nojinji Temple
Nojinji Temple

In the temple, you can enjoy the「 Ikeizumi Kansho Horai Garden」, which has been selected as one of the 100 best gardens in Japan. And you can also enjoy autumn leaves in autumn.

Central park
Central park

From the end of march to the beginning of April, about 400 cherry trees are in full bloom,and many cherry blossom viewers will visit it at that time.


It is a spacious riverbed surrounded by green nature. In the summer, it is crowded with people playing in the river and having BBQs.

Kanonji Temple
Kanonji Temple

A sacred place for the anime "Yama no Susume", You can appreciate the white elephant enshrined as a lucky Buddha for fortune, safe childbirth and child-raising.