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「OH!!!」Amazing fermentation experience!
A place where you can taste, learn, and experience the "magic of food."
We want to make the world healthier from the dining table by promoting a lifestyle where fermented foods are familiar.
With such thoughts in mind, we offer a variety of fermentation experiences that will surprise you with "OH!!!".
Let's experience surprise and excitement in fermentation!

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A select shop for carefully selected fermented foods and local vegetables from all over Japan.

Tsukemono(Japanese pickles) from Yawataya which made by unique production method and fermented food carefully selected from all over the country are served. "Hanno Marche" where you can meet fresh vegetables and local specialties of Hanno is a must-see! At the takeout corner, croquettes and soft ice cream are served. You can also enjoy the terrace adjacent to the building. At the gift counter, you can ask for advice about gifts for your loved ones.


Feel the extraordinary
A restaurant with firewood and fermentation

Using the most delicious seasonal ingredients at that time and making it with time and effort, Femy_'s unique cuisine is filled with the chef's skills everywhere.
The fermented dishes are not only delicious, but are also good for your body.
The relaxing space where you can feel the warmth of wood creates a wonderful time anniversary with family, friends, and loved ones.


Authentic bakery shop "POCO-POCO" using homemade natural yeast

We use homemade natural yeasts such as levain (wheat), raisin (grapes), and yogurt (yoghurt), you can feel the depth of fermentation.
We use several types of flour carefully selected by our craftsmen and seasonal ingredients created by the four seasons to create a unique texture and flavor.
Each piece is carefully made in our in-store workshop and prepared fresh from the oven.
In addition to takeout, you can also enjoy your meal in our bright and open eat-in space.

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Experience the power of fermentation.

We are holding fermentation workshops and events, such as making 「Gohangasusumu kimchi」 that is the only one in the world, and making rice bran beds that you can enjoy at home!